Camp History

Camp 1947
The Camp in 1947

The US Department of Agriculture established the camp in the 1930s as a Fire Guard Camp in the Logan District of the Malheur National Forest. The original buildings were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) a public work relief program for unemployed workers developed under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Marge Riley McRae of Burns dreamed of a family camp on this site since she started spending part of her summers at the camp from the age of nine on. As a result of her campaigning for a camp, the facilities were turned over to the non-profit association "The Lake Creek Recreation Camp" in the early '60s (1962/3?) for the purpose of establishing a youth camp. Marge was the first president and is largely responsible for the building of the lodge and A-Frames. Marge supplied the historic photos on this page (except the 1947 camp photo.)

In 1966 the association obtained a $25,000 FHA loan to build the new lodge which is still in use today. The cost to build the lodge was estimated to be $50,000 and the remainder came from donations of money, labor, and equipment. The lodge was mostly built in 1967 and opened in 1968. The A-Frames were also built in 1967 and 1968.

The camp has been in continuous summer use since 1968. However, little was done to maintain the buildings over the years and by the year 2000 the camp was in a general state of disrepair. The board obtained several hundred thousand dollars of federal grant money and repaired/restored the lodge, five of the A-frames, and remodeled the bathhouses. They also built five new straight-sided cabins/bunkhouses that opened in the summer of 2008. They also upgraded Electrical and plumbing systems.

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Lodge Construction 1967

A-Frame Construction 1967

Campers Circa 1972