Frequently Asked Questions
A. The cabins are actually bunkhouses. We have four rustic A-Frames and six new straight sided bunkhouses. Each can sleep 10 people in single beds. Some cabins can sleep up to 14 people. You will need to bring blankets or sleeping bag and pillow.


A. No, just sleeping accomdations. We have two bath houses, a large one with nine showers, sinks and toilets. The second bath house has four showers and sinks, and three toilets. The main lodge has a large commercial kitchen where we prepare meals for campers, plus a large fireplace room which you are welcome to enjoy.

A. Yes you can, but you might want to think this through. Our rates include meals and if you choose not to eat a meal for some reason (you're gone on a hike for the day, you bring your own food for a family potluck, etc.) the rate remains the same (we can't sell that meal to another group.) Also, for liability reasons, you may not use our kitchen to cook and prepare meals, so cooking and cleanup become problematic for you.
Yes, under the following conditions: They must be friendly towards other dogs and people. Otherwise you must keep them confined or on leashes. Dogs are not allowed in the main lodge. Also, you must pick up after your dog. Please remember that dogs do require a refundable deposit.

We do not have emergency medical staff, however 911 is now available. We also have an internet phone for staff and emergencies. Each camp must arrange for their own nurses or medical personnel as needed. The closest medical facilities are in John Day, 32 miles away. Remember, we are in a remote location in a National Forest.

A. Yes and No. You will not have to share bunkhouses with persons outside your group or organization but you may have to share with members of your group, depending on the number of people in your group, and the availability of cabins. Generally we rent to only one group at a time. However, with small groups, say 25 or less, we may rent other bunkhouses to other groups at the same time.
A. Campers are asked to sweep the floors and empty the trash cans in their cabins. Also to pick up any trash around their cabins and the grounds. Also, campers must return all tables, chairs, picnic tables, and other equipment to where they found it.
A. We provide the bed, please bring your own sheets/pillows and more. It gets cold at night, especially in June and September. Bring towels for the shower and personal toiletries. Also bring flip-flops or other "shower" shoes. We ask that you not wear "outside" shoes in the shower area as the dirt on your shoes combined with the water in the shower makes mud, which creates a real mess! Note that the generator is turned off about 10 pm each night so bring a flashlight and/or a battery or gas lantern. While we do have some solar lights outside, it's generally very dark, especially in the cabins and A-frames! An additional fee will be charged for leaving the generator on all night. (For example: For Cpap machines and /or Families with young children.)