Job Openings

Paid Positions

- Cook

- Prep Cook/Dining room attendant

- Caretaker

- Caretaker/Housekeeper (couple)


Lake Creek Camp has immediate openings.

Working Environment:

We are a friendly and easy-going group and we work at the camp because it's fun and we want to be here. For information about the Camp, visit our website at: and our About Us page. The camp complement consists of three full-time positions, the Host/Caretaker, the cook, and the assistant. The Host/Caretaker and assistant assist the cook in the kitchen. We have one to two additional people helping out in the kitchen during larger camps. We are an equal opportunity employer.

To Apply:

Send an email expressing your interest and outlining your experience to These positions are open until filled so call immediately if you are interested.


If you would like to volunteer we have a couple of options. Watch this website for an announcement of our annual Spring Clean-Up and Work Party to get the camp in shape for the coming season. This is usually in May. We accept volunteer help during camps for such things as kitchen help and grounds and facilities maintenance. If you are interested, send an email expressing your interest to