x Lake Creek Youth Camp

Camp Rate

Base Rate:

One night's lodging with meals included – $60.00/person. Check in is 3:00pm and check out is 11:00am. (Children under 5 free.)
Note: Our rates include meals and if you choose not to eat a meal for some reason (you're gone on a hike for the day, you bring your own food for a family potluck, etc.) the rate remains the same. Dogs require a refundable deposit.

Other Rates:

Additional rates apply for extra meals. Also, there are separate rates for walk-in showers and tent/RV camping. Check at the time of booking for options and current rates.
Note that the generator is turned off about 10 pm each night.
An additional fee will be charged for leaving the generator on all night. (For example: For Cpap machines and /or Families with young children.)
There are different rates for Weddings, Day Use, Luncheons, Family Reunions, Youth Camps, and Special Events.
Check in time: 3:00 pm Check out time: 11:00 am (next morning)

Camp Policies

A $500 deposit is required to make a reservation. Deposits are refundable if cancelled 30 days or more prior to scheduled arrival date. If contract is fulfilled and no damage occurs, deposits will be applied to camp fees. Contracts will be paid in full to camp hosts before departure, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Note: reservations are not "confirmed" or locked in until we receive your deposit. That means another group could bump your reservation if we have not received your deposit. We will notify you before we bump your reservation.

Each camp is responsible for their own bedding and toiletries. We do not have emergency medical staff. Each camp must arrange for their own nurses or medical personnel as needed. The closest medical facilities are in John Day, 32 miles away. Remember, we are in a remote location in a National Forest. 911 is now available. We have an internet phone for staff and emergencies. Folding chairs are available for outside use. Red upholsterd chairs are not allowed to be used outside. Pets are not allowed in the Lodge.


Group member responsibilites during camps:

    Keep cabins reasonably clean and food free.
    Keep grounds clean and tidy, and report any hazards noted to camp hosts.
    Smoke in appropriate areas (dependent on fire level) use sand-cans for butts. Smoking is not allowed in any building.
    Keep pets in control, out of lodge, and pick up their droppings.

Group member responsibilites at end of camp:

    Please do not leave your personal sheets/pillows...etc as we are not responsible for any personal belongings left behind.
    Return lodge and cabin furniture to original settings.
    Sweep floors of cabins.
    Empty cabin trash; bring bags to dumpster, place new bag in cabin.
    Pick up all trash and animal droppings around camp grounds.